New Law Firm, Accident Law Group, Opens Office in Tempe Offering a Unique and Personal Approach to Accident Law Press Release News Article

Accident Law Group is set to open its doors December 28, offering leading council to accident victims and wrongful insurance claims

TEMPE, Ariz. (January 7, 2016) – An innovative and emerging personal injury law firm is calling Tempe, Ariz., home as it prepares to open its first office later this month. Accident Law Group, is set to open its doors on December 28th, representing individuals who were not only injured in an accident, but also wronged by their insurance company.

Led by attorneys Joseph L. Brown and Carl A. Engstrand, Accident Law Group (ALG) is a premier provider of legal services relating to all aspects of accident injury while offering a personal and genuine approach to every case that crosses their desk.

Accident Law Group utilizes its esteemed knowledge and expertise to make the process of handling an accident as seamless as possible. At ALG, the attorneys understand the daunting challenges that accident victims face and help to provide the support and relief they know their clients deserve.

“We understand the damage an accident can do, both physically and emotionally,” Accident Law Group Founder, Carl A. Engstand, said. “We want to help accident victims who are being wronged by their insurance companies and help fight for a fair recovery. At ALG, my clients’ job is to get better, and my job is to get them there.”

More often than not, accident victims are left hurt, alone, and cheated by their insurance companies, and the unwavering and compassionate attorneys of Accident Law Group advocate for each client by accurately diagnosing the accident and determining the winning strategy.

Unlike other firms that only look at you as a number, ALG attorneys understand the human aspect of your case and treat you on a person to person level.”

Accident Law Group will open its doors for new business on December 28, 2015, in Tempe at 3923 South McClintock Drive, Suite #400, while also operating a satellite office in Phoenix. For more information on this up and coming personal injury law firm, please visit

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