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Medical Malpractice

All of us rely on physicians, nurses and other medical professionals to correctly identify illnesses, carefully perform surgical procedures, and provide watchful treatment when we are ill. As in virtually all careers, errors do happen and it is the patients who suffer an injury, ailment, or worse as a result. Sadly, it’s not uncommon for healthcare professionals to try and hide their mistakes to avoid a legal issue or a malpractice claim being filed with their insurance company. Such actions can leave health care accident victims with lifelong injuries, trauma or a condition that becomes more severe.

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Arizona medical malpractice law makes it very tough to prove negligence claims. If you or someone you cherish has been injured due to a medical mistake, a prescription drug, or other type of healthcare negligence resulting in serious injury, you need experienced Arizona medical malpractice attorney on your side to help win an injury claim.

Due to the significant number of medical malpractice cases, hospitals, physicians, nurses and insurance agencies ensure that they have many protections in position in the form of experienced defense lawyers. You require someone with equal experience who focuses primarily on medical malpractice to assist you win your lawsuit. Whether you have endured an injury as a result of surgical error, or a misdiagnosis has contributed to a serious health problem, Accident Law Group is here to help.

Phoenix medical malpractice laws require evidence of negligence or a sub-standard quality of care be present to warrant a malpractice claim, so not all accidents or negative outcomes may be considered a legal issue – despite how severe.

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At the Accident Law Group you’ll never be treated as just “another case”. We recognize that each of our clients is a real person who has either personally experienced a traumatic medical injury and has been there for a loved one who has. We’re not just here to hold medical professionals accountable, we’re here to help you make the best of your circumstances and achieve just and fair compensation.

Whether we’re meeting with you at your location or you are coming in to our office, you’ll always be in a comfortable and caring environment. Our entire staff is here to get to know you, your particular situation, and learning how we can help you move beyond your case and live a normal life. We do this because we understand how difficult overcoming a medical trauma can be – it’s not just about the outcome of your case, it’s about moving on. Our focus on YOU individually and YOUR needs makes us even more compassionate about what we do and drives us to fight for your cause.

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