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Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Have you been in a bicycle accident?

Bicycle accident victims oftentimes get the worse types of injuries. In fact, some can even be fatal. If you are a victim of a bicycle accident or have a friend or loved one who have figured in said accident, contact Accident Law Group. We are the only law firm that specializes in providing the best legal representation for victims of bicycle accidents.

Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bicycles are becoming an increasingly popular mode of transportation, and many local areas are increasing bike lanes and trying to improve safety for bicycle riders. Unfortunately, many motorists still do not know how to share the road with bike riders, and drivers who make mistakes or who are careless could cause a bicyclist to sustain life-altering injuries. 

When a driver causes a bicycle accident and serious injuries or death result from the crash, the motorist who was responsible needs to compensate the victim. The victim, however, has the burden of taking legal action and pursuing a damage claim. 

This can be challenging, especially when you are coping with serious injuries or if your loved one has been killed in a bike accident and you are dealing with grief.

The best way to protect your rights after a bicycle accident in Arizona is to get help from an experienced bicycle accident attorney. Our attorneys are here and ready to help you to pursue a bike accident claim. At Accident Law Group, our legal team is comprised of some of the best bicycle accident attorneys Arizona has available. As such, we’ll work with you every step of the way, providing the guidance you need to navigate the insurance process and win your lawsuit.

Bicycle Rider Safety

Arizona Department of Transportation Active Transportation Program has a Bicycling Safety Program

Below are some key highlights:

If You Ride at Night Arizona Bike Law/Bicycle Law/Traffic Law requires those riding a bike to have:

A cyclist may also have a red tail light visible from 500 feet (blinking tail lights are eye-catching). You may want to consider wearing a reflective vest or reflective tape on your helmet or clothes.

Bike Smart, Bicycle Safety

To be safe and avoid a cycling accident or a bike crash, bicyclists should ride with traffic and be aware of hazards, cars, and people around them. Bike smart and follow these safety tips for biking in Arizona:

Ride on the right – Always ride with the flow of traffic. Riding against traffic is dangerous and could result in severe injury or catastrophic injury.

Ride predictably – Follow the same rules motorists do, and travel in a straight line without swerving.

Obey traffic control devices (signs, signals, bike lane markings) – Cyclist(s) must follow the rules of the road like other vehicles.

Protect your head – Always wear a helmet, even on the shortest trips.

Follow lane markings – Don’t turn left from the right lane. Don’t ride straight in a lane marked Right-Turn Only.

Ride correctly through intersections – Use the right-most lane that goes in your direction. If you’re heading straight, get in the through lane, not to the right of a right-turning vehicle.

Signal before you move or stop – Hand signals let drivers and others know what you intend to do.

Enter streets and intersections cautiously – Always check for oncoming traffic.

Ride defensively on the road – Anticipate hazards and be ready to adjust your position in traffic.

Don’t ride on the sidewalk – Many people consider sidewalks a safe place to ride because cars don’t travel on them. Unfortunately, sidewalks aren’t safe. Stay off them, except where you have no choice. Trees, hedges, parked cars, buildings, and doorways create blindspots along a sidewalk, which is too narrow to allow you to swerve out of the way if someone appears. A pedestrian on the sidewalk can sidestep suddenly, or a small child can run out from behind an adult. Never pass a pedestrian until you have his or her attention. And cars do use sidewalks – at every driveway and cross-street. Since there are no clear rules for travel on a sidewalk, your only choice is to ride very slowly and look in all directions before crossing a driveway or street

Be visible and be seen – Wear bright colors to increase your visibility and make eye contact with drivers.

Look behind you – Know how to look over your shoulder and not swerve or lose balance. Rear-view mirrors are an option.

Everything on your bike should be properly adjusted and in good working condition. Keep a well-maintained bike, be a smart bike rider, and conduct the ABC Quick Check(link is external) before you ride as recommended by the League of American Bicyclists.

Arizona Bicycling Organizations, Clubs, and Programs

Many Arizona Cities and Counties have bicycle programs that promote bicycle transportation and safety. These programs typically coordinate a bicycle planning process for a city or region and identify policies and priorities for investing in local a bicycle system. They can provide specific information on bicycling in your area, including existing and planned trails and bikeways.

Bicycle Accident Lawyer For All Sorts of Bicycle Accident Case

It is true that you don’t have to hire a bicycle accident lawyer if you encounter a bicycle accident case. However, an experienced bicycle accident lawyer will help injured bicyclist protect their rights. Yes, you read it right. Cyclists who just encountered a bicycle accident scene need to do many things after the accident, such as contacting their insurance company for their medical bills, product liability, personal injury claim, and so on.


A bike accident scene may seem harmless compared to a car accident, but it is not as harmless as it may seem. An injured bicyclist can get different kinds of injuries when they get into a bike accident scene, such as spinal cord injury, brain injury, and more. So, if you ever encounter a bike accident scene, don’t hesitate to call an experienced bicycle accident lawyer immediately.

How Soon After The Accident Case Should You Call a Bicycle Accident Lawyer?

Right after your accident is the best time to get a bicycle accident lawyer, or else the insurance company or at-fault party may take advantage of you. Since an insurance company is rarely easy to handle, it is best to get a bicycle accident lawyer and hand them over your bicycle accident lawsuit, economic damages, personal injury claim, and medical bills for possible spinal cord injury, brain injury, and other kinds of injuries cyclists could get during a bicycle accident.

Bicycle Accident Lawsuit: Learn And Practice Your Legal Rights With The Right Law Group 

Unless you are a bicycle accident lawyer or a legal professional working in a law office, you will never know how to handle insurance companies completely. That’s completely understandable because no one should expect non-legal professionals to learn and understand the legal methods deeply overnight. cyclists in a bicycle accident should get a lawyer to make the procedure more equal.

According to bicycle accident statistics, insurance companies use tactics against cyclists like:


  • Denying cyclists’ claims right away

  • Offering cyclists a lowball settlement

  • Downplaying cyclists’ injuries and damages

  • Trying to intimidate cyclists into accepting less

  • Getting cyclists to say something that they can use against them


Without seeking a law office, you may never know your legal rights during a bicycle or car accident which could make you easily accept compensation that is way too low. Many injured cyclists who acquired cord injury and other kinds of injuries during the accident do not realize how much their accidents are really costing them. Medical bills because of their cord injury, economic damages, bike repairs, and other damages often cost much more than they seem at first.

What Are The Types of Lawyer You Should Reach After Your Bicycle Accident?

There are different types of lawyers, such as a Trial lawyer. However, during a bicycle accident case, you will need a bicycle accident lawyer. But, you must also be careful in choosing because many settlement mills take advantage of their victims. Some of them even settle many cases as quickly as possible, which is one of the common causes for victims not being able to practice their rights.  


A quick settlement may seem ideal for you, but it usually means that the lawyer you hire is leaving money on the table. To get most of the settlement, hire a lawyer who is not afraid to fight against the at fault for your compensation. Our top-level lawyer has a goal to get the highest settlement you can get, and our bicycle accident lawyers are:


  • Highly experienced in bicycle accident cases

  • Can provide references from past clients

  • Have already experienced working on similar cases to yours 

  • Have the time to focus solely on your case

  • Hold a strong track record of victorious settlements

  • Not afraid to take a case to trial (if necessary)


Why Should You Call Us as Soon as Possible?


Without hiring an experienced lawyer, it’s too easy to get taken advantage of. By reaching out to our top-level bicycle accident lawyer today, you can have protection for yourself as much as possible. We are the lawyers who can help you avoid doing or saying things detrimental to your rights.


Insurance companies often offer lowball settlements and make it look like it is the best deal. A lot of injured cyclists are sadly victims of insurance companies’ tactics while representing themselves. As experienced bicycle accident lawyers, we consider existing and coming medical treatment costs, Non-economic damages such as pain and suffering, how to effectively negotiate for more, and how to produce the most noteworthy injury claim.


Insurance companies exactly know that you are in pain after an accident and make the first offer seem appealing to you. However, if you accept a settlement, you will not be able to pursue more. We are here to help you avoid making mistakes during your settlement. Also, remember not to accept any money and sign anything from an insurance company before getting a lawyer. It doesn’t matter if you have just recently scheduled your consultation. It will be best to have the lawyer look over your case first.


Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are a bicycle accident victim remember that the injured cyclist oftentimes gets the worse types of injuries. In fact, some can even be fatal. If you are a victim of a bicycle crash or have a friend or loved one who has figured in said bicycle accident injury, contact Accident Law Group for help with your bicycle accident claim or injury claim. We are the premier bicycle accident lawyer firm that specializes in providing the best legal representation for victims of bicycle accidents.

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