Posted on January 19, 2018 

brain injuriesBrain injuries can take on many forms when it comes to car accidents and the role that they tend to play. This means that you could suffer the most minor brain injury or the most severe injury, which can have devastating effects on your life, some even permanent in nature. Most often, people sustain brain injuries and don’t even know it right off the bat, until they start experiencing symptoms many months down the line and wish they would have received medical attention when they had the chance. Some of the most severe effects are cognitive impairments, memory loss, behavioral changes, and more.

Because of these effects, it may be difficult to determine just how much you deserve when it comes to damages for your injuries. Most of these cases go straight to settlement, where you explain how much you would be willing to accept for your claim from an insurance company or a negligent party. Resolving your claim through a settlement may be the best option for you because it could save you time and money that litigation would normally cost. However, things do not always work out this way, and sometimes your matters will make it to court instead.

Statistics Regarding Financial Costs 

There are many costs associated with brain injuries. In the United States, it leads to millions in medical treatment and lost production at work every year. In fact, research shows us that the direct and indirect costs of brain injuries in citizens is estimated somewhere around $48 billion annually. The lifetime costs of just one person suffering from a brain injury can reach $4 million! Most people forget that brain injuries don’t just stop with the initial medical treatment. Many of these victims will go on to receive rehabilitation for their debilitating injuries as well, and surgeries to fix their ailments.

So what can you do if you suffer from the long-term effects of a brain injury and you are expected to deal with these ailments for years to come? You may need an attorney on your side who understands severe brain injury cases and can help you gain the compensation you deserve after an injury has wreaked havoc on your life. Call us today at the Accident Law Group at 602-262-4254 for more information.