One of the few words on a golf course that will cause any golfers nerves to tense up is FORE.  Or golf code for you’re about to get drilled by a golf ball.

A sport enjoyed by millions all over the globe, golf is an enjoyable sport with great social aspects and is generally one of the safer athletic activities you can engage in.  This is of course true right up to the point where it isn’t true anymore.  In Arizona, we’re blessed with nearly year around warm weather that makes getting outdoors to play a round and with more golf being played, there are more chances for an injury due to someone making poor judgement, equipment error or other factors. 

While you may not get a macho man award if you are injured on a golf course, there are plenty of ways for an accident to happen as you are outdoors, hitting a little white ball, on a course with paths, sprinkler heads, slopes, golf carts and possibly even a golfer in another group that has imbibed just a little too much “swing lube” (alcohol).  There are a great many factors on a golf course that can cause injury and plenty of opportunities for negligent behavior to ruin a nice walk spoiled.  Think of it this way.  That little white ball can typically be moving at a speed of 180mph.  If something moving that fast hits you in the head, there’s going to be an injury.

Bad day on the Golf Course

What really gets tricky is determining fault in the case of a golf course injuries.  There could be course related issues such as an irrigation system or electrical system that is out of maintenance, or a golf cart that somehow malfunctions, each of these pointing to negligence on the part of the golf course.  You might have been hit by that little white ball due to another player acting irresponsibly.  No matter what the situation, it is essential to collect data, get witnesses, take pictures and if the injury is severe, call Emergency Medical Services.  The data you can collect will go a long way in helping to identify responsible parties.  Also note, not all golfing accidents are someone else’s fault.  If you pull a muscle because or had a little too much of your own “swing lube” and tripped and fell down, then you really only have yourself to blame.

Just remember that if you are injured, get medical attention as a first priority.  If you are able to document what happened, take notes and get names which will be helpful in an investigation into the accident to determine if there is third party responsibility.

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