That’s right, it’s that time of year again.  While “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” is a classic and fun Christmas song, holidays are a time to take a little extra time to avoid causing or falling victim to an injury accident.  Office parties, trimming the tree, egg nog and all the fun traditions with family and friends that fill the Christmas season with joy.  These are the things memories are made from and you certainly don’t want your holiday memories tainted with an injury.

Grandma Got Run Over by A What?
Grandma Got Run Over by A What?

As we all bustle through to the end of the year and prepare to welcome 2018, keep in mind that safety needs to be a priority to ensure a safe and happy welcome to the New Year.  Be smart and aware, and while celebrating the season know that there are several common causes of injury accidents during the holidays.

Car Accidents

Last year in Arizona we had four fatal accidents on our roadways.  While down from seven in 2014, these are four families that lost loved ones at a time of the year that will no longer be a time of happy memories but one of mourning.  The National Safety Council, each year, produces and estimate for nationwide fatal accidents which was approximately 360 in 2016.

Pedestrians are not immune.  In some areas of our state we can have snow and rain is always a winter possibility.  Add changing weather to more pedestrians than normal out shopping of gazing at Christmas light displays equates to more opportunities for vehicle on pedestrian injuries.

No matter how you’re getting around, be mindful, be aware and take a few extra seconds getting where you’re going.  Better to be safe and get there than careless and not.


Believe it or not, the National Fire Protection Association, reports that in the past several years, there has been on average about 200 fires in residences due to Christmas trees.  The impact of the fires has been an average of $14.8 million in damage to property and 16 injuries and 6 deaths.  While these accidents are infrequent, they’re devastating to the families and friends of the 22 persons injured or killed each year.

Slip and Falls

Its dark our earlier, we’re all in a rush to get where we’re going, in some areas there could be snow or ice and in all cases, you don’t want to spend the holiday season laid up with a slip and fall injury.  Stores are required to make accommodations to ensure safety and adjust to these conditions and this may be relevant to your personal injury claim but you don’t want to miss out on a good time with your family, friends or co-workers because you’re getting a ride to the hospital due to a fall.

Decorating Accidents

The lights look good when their hung on the house and the tree but if you’re not careful putting them up a myriad of ill fate may come your way.  If you are on a ladder climbing up your house, go slow, have a spotter and don’t take any risks (beyond the one you’re already taking climbing on a ladder).  When you’re plugging in lights or other electronic displays, make sure the cables are frayed and that you’re in a dry area to avoid getting shocked or causing an electric fire.

Also be safe when cooking, don’t drink and drive or let anyone do this and take an extra few minutes to get where you’re going or do what you’re doing so you can enjoy the season and start 2018 in good spirits and good health.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident and injured, you have our deepest concern and sympathy.  Contact us at Accident Law Group to get a complete assessment of your case.  We built our firm to help you build fight and win your case and make sure the rights you have under the law are protected.

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