Posted on January 29, 2018 

Many people don’t understand that there are more elements involved in a truck accident than a typical motor vehicle case. One of the reasons why is, because, when you are involved in a car accident case, you will typically deal with the other driver and their insurance company. However, when you are going through a truck accident case, you will find that these cases are highly regulated by the federal government and that there are many ways that they will attempt to build the case against you. From proving negligence to preserving every bit of evidence there is, there are many ways that you will find that trucking accidents are sometimes stacked against you.

Why You Should Act Quickly

preserve evidenceAny accident attorney will tell you that you should never wait to act when you are going through a truck accident case. This is because the evidence will not stick around for long. Sometimes truck drivers and companies will act quickly to get rid of any evidence they can, even when they know it is not right to do. Preservation of evidence can happen with our help as soon as you make that call and tell us that you want to get started on your case. Every single party involved should be notified that you are in need of evidence in your case, to prove that you are moving forward and to back up your claim if evidence does end up disappearing later on.

It is also important to find and secure the exact vehicle that was used when the accident occurred. Many truck drivers and companies use black boxes in their vehicles, which preserve evidence such as how quickly a driver was going when they got into the accident. An insurance company may point at you and try to pin the blame on you, but a black box may be able to prove otherwise. An inspection of the vehicle may complete the reconstruction of your accident scene so you can move onto damages.

Having an attorney on your side can also prove extremely beneficial when you have to show that many regulations were ignored and were not abided by. There are many regulations put into place by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) that cover aspects like drug and alcohol use, licensing and qualification matters, insurance requirements, rules of driving such as hours of service, and much more. If any of these regulations were avoided, you might have a case.

As you will find, preserving evidence in your case is key – and many people fail to do this. Many people will receive their treatment and put off talking to an attorney, but by then evidence could disappear. You don’t want this to happen, so give us a call today at the Accident Law Group. We want to speak to you immediately. Contact us at 602-262-4254.