Posted on February 19, 2018

highway pedestrian accidentsAny accident that takes place involving a pedestrian is bound to be detrimental to them, as a pedestrian against a motor vehicle can lead to devastating results. But what happens in highway pedestrian accidents, where pedestrians are most at-risk of a catastrophic accident as drivers move along at fast speeds, paying less attention to those around them?

These accidents are so much more than immense injuries. There are also legal and factual issues, as pedestrians are supposed to constantly be on the lookout for adverse conditions that could cause them harm, and a driver must always look out for pedestrians as well. If a pedestrian acted with negligent conduct and failed to meet their own standard of duty to protect themselves, they may not be able to compensate much or at all for their injuries. But if it was the fault of a driver in one of these very serious accidents, a driver may owe a pedestrian compensation.

Highway Pedestrian Accidents: Why They Occur

In the event of a highway pedestrian accident, there is one question that some people still have: “Why was the pedestrian on the highway in the first place, with cars breezing on by?” Pedestrian accidents on highways are more common than you think, with 10% occurring there – and for a variety of reasons.

Crossing/Entering: Pedestrians often walk across highways to get from one spot to another. However, with motorists speeding from place to place in their busy lifestyles, it is not surprising that these accidents occur when a pedestrian does something as simple as crossing the street. A motorist who is speeding may not even see a pedestrian until it is too late. 

Walking/Standing on Shoulder: These accidents only account for a small percentage of injuries, but they still occur every year. In some cases, a pedestrian may be on the road illegally, and in other cases it could be due to driver error and distraction.

Working on a Vehicle: It is not uncommon for a pedestrian’s vehicle to break down alongside a highway. When it does, you may find them pushing or working on a vehicle. Usually, a driver who is not paying attention or is sleepy will not notice this and it could cause an accident. 

Involved in Previous Crash: If someone was previously involved in an accident, they may still be on the roadway. Drivers are even thrown from their vehicles in accidents every single year. While a pedestrian is waiting for help or assessing damages, an accident could occur right on the previous accident scene.


Who was liable for your accident? Was a driver failing to pay attention to you and could be determined as at-fault for your accident and injuries? You may have a claim against this party. We take pedestrian cases very seriously, as pedestrians are vulnerable on our roadways and many risks come with these accidents. At Accident Law Group, we want to help when you have been injured in a serious pedestrian accident. Call us today for more information at 602-262-4254.