Posted on February 14, 2018

In a car accident, it may seem reasonable to bring a claim against another driver or multiple drivers for your injuries. Being involved in an accident on the roadways can be an extremely devastating time in your life, especially if your injuries are especially serious. But are there scenarios in which a local government could be found liable for your case? If there are problems with the road that could easily contribute to accidents, can the government owe you compensation for your injuries?

When the Government Must Maintain Roads 

local governmentRoads across the U.S. must be maintained at all times to protect drivers from all harm. It is not unheard of to hear of people being injured in accidents involving potholes, damaged guardrails, and so much more. When there are complications with a roadway, the state must always act to correct the problem to prevent accidents and injuries. In fact, you will usually see workers pop up quickly when there is a road issue, or alternate routes given so that you don’t wind up traveling down a road with big issues. When there is road construction going on, the local government involved with the project must do whatever it takes to warn of conditions with signs and more that ensure that drivers are driving slowly or proceeding with caution into an area. When roads are not properly maintained or warning signs are not given, damages could result and injury cases might commence.

Many conditions that might occur in a certain area include potholes, eroded areas of the street that have started sinking, guardrail damage, medians without lines, lanes without lines, traffic signal issues, and more. When there are flaws on the road, there is always a chance for an accident. With unsafe surfaces on roadways, somebody could drive their vehicle into another person. If a warning sign is obstructed and somebody wanders into a construction zone without proper warning, serious injuries could result.

Pursuing Damages 

You’ve been involved in an injury case due to negligence on behalf of the local government and wonder where to turn. If there were no road signs put up or the government failed to recognize signs of wear and tear on a road, then you may be able to pursue a successful claim. Unreasonably dangerous roads are unacceptable and cause accidents every year. Negligence by the city or state in your specific area could land you a successful claim and damages for your injuries, minor or severe.

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