Posted on February 9, 2018

You’re getting ready to dive in head-first when it comes to your personal injury case, because you’re talking to an attorney and expecting the best. You’ve heard good things and negative things about your injury case from those who have gone through the process, or things you read on the Internet. Your attorney might have already told you that personal injury accidents can go one of many ways, and that you should always be prepared for anything. Today we will look at some of the myths you have heard regarding personal injury accidents and what you should really expect.

Myths Concerning Injury Accidents 

personal injury accidentsYour Settlement Will Take Forever: This is false. Not every personal injury case will turn into a long, drawn-out ordeal. Many people wait to file their injury case because they have heard that they will wait months or even years to receive compensation for their injuries, but this is usually not the case. Most cases don’t even make it to the courtroom, which is why all of this is skipped, from pre-trial to trial. Though the most tedious cases can reach months or years in duration, this is not typical and most will be solved within weeks or months of time. 

Your Injuries Are Too Minor, Don’t Need An Attorney: Even if you have minor injuries, they could still have a huge impact on your life. You still have a right to have your medical expenses covered even though your injuries were not of a catastrophic nature. Insurance companies are known for offering too little for minor injuries, so little that it won’t even cover basic expenses. If you want to work quickly and receive the best settlement, turn to an attorney.

You Can File Anytime: No, you cannot file your injury case anytime. If you have been injured, you don’t want to wait 5 years and then say, “I’ll fill my case now” because you will likely be barred from doing so. There is a set statute of limitations that is the time limit on how long you have to seek compensation for your injuries after an accident. 

You Are Guaranteed Compensation: Plaintiffs are not guaranteed compensation, which can be unfortunate in very serious cases. Personal injury cases are not just “easy money” and every case brings different results because there are so many individuals and factors considered. Be prepared for everything! 

Lawyers Know What You Will Receive: Your attorney might have a general estimate of how much you will receive, but they can’t promise you right off the bat that you’re going to get thousands to millions of dollars. All circumstances are unique and your attorney will be realistic with you.

You Absolutely Have to go to Court: Only about 2% of cases are settled in court, and the rest receive results through settlement. Court is not always necessary. Your attorney will guide you in the right direction!

Now that you have heard some of the myths associated with personal injury cases and learned the truth, you may have questions for us. Luckily, we have answers. At the Accident Law Group, we can help you every step of the way as you settle or litigate your injury case to get results. Call us today for more information at 602-262-4254.