Posted on February 23, 2018

Any accident involving a motorcycle can be a severe, complicated, and terrifying event. Some cases are so severe that you’re considered lucky to walk away from the accident. Some of the most debilitating injuries that you can sustain in these accidents are those that affect the back, spine, and head. They tend to create the most lasting long-term damage that could require years and years to recover or the rest of your life. Why do these accidents become so serious?

Think about it: When a motorcycle rider is involved in an accident, they aren’t necessarily protected from the elements. Whereas a motor vehicle driver has protection through their vehicle, a motorcycle rider only has their helmet and sometimes a protective outfit. There is essentially nothing to stop a rider from being thrown off their vehicle. Even minor damage to the back, spine, and head can lead to temporary or permanent damage on a wide scale. What happens when you are paralyzed in a motorcycle accident?

When These Accidents Occur 

Paralysis can occur when excessive or severe strain is put on several areas of the back, neck, and head. Some collisions will completely paralyze someone for the rest of their life, while other collisions will lead to partial loss of capability and functioning that could heal in time. Every injury is different, which means that you may not experience it on the same level as somebody who received the same type of injury. There are many forms of paralysis, one of which is called paraplegia. Paraplegia affects both legs and causes them to stop functioning, while quadriplegia occurs when both arms and legs lose function. This can lead to the total loss of function under the neck, which leads to devastating consequences.

paralyzed in a motorcycle accidentWhen one of these serious accidents occurs, the motorcyclist will need immediate medical attention because these are life-threatening situations. When you arrive at the hospital, you will probably undergo tests that will assess what damage has been done and how you can move forward. These injuries can lead to extensive medical testing, which could mean that you will receive many medical bills that you need help compensating for. Usually, diagnosing a spinal injury can only be done through tests such as MRI and CT scans. In some cases, a doctor may even perform a myelography, which takes place when the dye is injected into spinal cord nerves and the spinal canal is examined extensively.

When you have received one of these injuries, it is not unheard of to require medication, technology, physical therapy, surgery, or external stabilization. When you are dealing with extensive medical bills, you have less time to worry about how you will recover from your injuries. Paralysis can lead to physical and emotional trauma on many levels, which is why you may be able to receive damages for aspects like pain and suffering, permanent disability, and reduced quality of life.

You have a right to compensation when you have been paralyzed in a motorcycle accident. Was another party negligent in your accident and now you want to receive compensation for your injuries and mental suffering? We can help at the Accident Law Group, because we know and understand motorcycle accidents. Call us today for more information at 602-262-4254.