What are the best post auto accident actions you can take?  The DMV has some tips and we’ve added some additional actions based on our experience.  It can be hard to focus with nerves and adrenaline flowing.  Here are a few post accident actions you’ll want to do if you find yourself involved in a motor vehicle accident.

Post Auto Accident Actions
Post Auto Accident Actions

Get your vehicle stopped and out of traffic.

You are required by Arizona law to stop and exchange information with other driver(s) in the accident and/or and property owner if property was damaged.  Don’t move your vehicle unnecessarily and be safe.

Help the injured.

If there are injuries, call 911.  If someone is seriously injured do not move them unless there is risk of fire or explosion as you might make matters worse.

Call the police.

The police are needed to file a police report and it is best, even in what might appear to be a minor accident to have them on scene.  Police can provide unbiased assessments and may be your best protection against a false account of the accident by other parties.

Sign the ticket.

If the police issue you a citation, you are required by law to sign it.  This is just a formality, not an admission of wrong doing.

Get the other drivers information.

It is important that you get all the information about the other driver such as their license and insurance info as well as address and phone number.  Do the same for any witnesses that stop to help and also get the information of any passengers.

Take notes.

As soon as you can after the accident, jot down your recollection of how the accident happened, the conditions of the road, weather, the state of mind of others involved while it is fresh in your mind.  This can be very important later.  You’ll also want to take phots of the accident scene if you are able to do so.

Refrain from making any statements.

Under Arizona law you are only required to stop and exchange data with the other driver.  Do not admit fault or make any statements about the accident or speculate.  Wait until you can speak to a lawyer as even what might sound like an innocent apology might be used against you in court.

 Pay attention to others comments.

The opposite of point #7, if the other party makes comments or apologies, note them.  Write them down or use your smart phone to record/video what is being said.

Get to the Hospital immediately.

Even if you feel ok, get to the hospital.  Even in a minor accident soft tissue damage may not be visible.  Better to be safe than sorry.

As soon as possible, call Accident Law Group so we can help you navigate both your and the other parties insurance company and evaluate the police report so you have the best, professional guidance.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident and injured, you have our deepest concern and sympathy.  Contact us at Accident Law Group to get a complete assessment of your case.  We built our firm to help you build fight and win your case and make sure the rights you have under the law are protected.

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