You’ve been injured due to somebody else’s negligent behavior.  You believe that you have a compelling case and want to pursue a legal remedy to ensure you are properly compensated for you losses which begs the question, what is involved in proving personal injury cases and getting the maximum compensation for your losses.

When in the case planning phase, it is essential to have quality evidence, and as much as possible, to substantiate your losses due to your injuries.  This is a complex matter and you should never go it alone so call The Accident Group and we will see you through your personal injury process.

Here are a few particulars to consider, the applicability will of course vary with the accident type that has caused your injury.

Proving Personal Injury
Proving Personal Injury

Accident or Police Report

These reports are filed if police are called to the scene of an accident and are mandatory in any auto accident where an injury occurs or someone is killed.

If you are the injured party, you want to call the police.  These reports provide a professional, authoritative and independent assessment of what happens.  Police can also shed some light on the fault or cause of the accident which can be a powerful tool in proving personal injury cases.

Medical Records

Just like with accident or police reports, if you are the injured party, you need to get to a medical professional.  First and foremost, for your own healthcare but also to create the technical, medical linkage that will be helpful in proving personal injury was the result of the accident.

You should keep all records from all your medical appointments, especially those from the hospital or emergency room, all receipts from your medical bills and include any physical therapy or psychology bills.

Records or Documents that Demonstrate Lost Wages

Many injuries can cause a detrimental change in employment, either an inability to work or perhaps, as a result of your injury, being forced to take work below your pre-injury capabilities.

In most cases, if as a result of your injury, you’ve lost the ability to earn income or simply can’t work and are losing out entirely, these lost wages can be recovered.  Circling back to the medical records, a note from a medical professional stating that your work ability is impaired will be additive to this claim..

Photographs Including Injuries to Your Person, Property and the Scene

The phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words” is especially true when proving a personal injury case.  Pictures can add context and perspective that often even several thousand words can’t provide.  The more the better and we’ll help determine the most meaningful for your situation.

Other helpful elements of evidence can include statements from witnesses that saw the injury happen, a journal cataloguing your pain and difficulties following the accident and any insurance information should your insurer be a party to the claim.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident and injured, you have our deepest concern and sympathy.  Contact us at Accident Law Group to get a complete assessment of your case.  We built our firm to help you build fight and win your case and make sure the rights you have under the law are protected.

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