Posted on March 7, 2018

You’ve been involved in an accident that caused immediate harm to you and you are worried about recovering from your injuries. You may think that it’s as easy as the other party admitting fault, going to court, and the judge settling your matters right there for you. However, aside from you, the other party, and your attorneys, you will also see the involvement of the insurance company in your case. This sometimes comes as a dreaded subject when you and your attorney first discuss your case, as there are many tactics from the insurance companies involved that are meant to lessen your recovery and make it more difficult for you to receive the damages you deserve. Fortunately, we understand the red tape and can help apply our knowledge of the law to your case to get you what you deserve.

Role of the Insurance Company 

role of the insurance companyWhat is the official role of the insurance company in your claim? Insurance companies are represented by claims adjusters or those who are responsible when it comes to handling every aspect of your injury claim. You may feel as if the claims adjuster is on your side in your case because, let’s face it, you didn’t cause your own injuries. However, the claims adjuster does not know this and will work to represent the best interests of only the insurance company. This means that you could be shorted money that you deserve because the claims adjuster works to keep settlement or litigation costs low in the interest of the company. In the end, it is you who loses if you don’t know how to defend yourself in your claim – and where we come in.

This is why, after your accident, you are always told that you should never give free, detailed information regarding your case to the claims adjuster. This is because you will be able to tell all about your accident and injuries to the other side as well as the courts if your case makes it to litigation. A claims adjuster is only known to twist your words around so that more questions are raised and it looks like you could have played a role of fault in your own case. You also never want to accept a settlement that seems too low to you.

Many people find that they cannot fully depend on the other party’s insurance to cover the cost of the injuries stemming from the accident, which is why they turn to their own insurance coverage. You may have no other choice but to do this when the other party is ill-insured, meaning they do not have high coverage and you have already met the limits. If the other party is uninsured or underinsured and you do not have proper insurance to cover your injuries, moving forward with a claim is your best option for recovery.

We have experience in these cases and want to help in your time of need when you have sustained serious injuries due to the negligence of a driver. At the Accident Law Group, your rights are important to us and we want to help you defend yourself against the big-name insurance company involved. Give us a call as soon as possible at 602-262-4254.