Posted on March 9, 2018

saying sorry after an accidentWhen you have been involved in an accident, you may react without even understanding what you are doing. It is not uncommon for people to be shaken up after an accident, which can lead to rash decisions or say things you don’t want to say. You want to know which mistakes you should always avoid moving forward in your accident claim. It is important to remember these few things so that you do not end up making a mistake that keeps your claim from moving forward, from not saying sorry after an accident to leaving the scene.

Don’t Say Sorry: You may be somebody who likes to apologize to show that you have sympathy for the other party, but you never want to do this at the scene of the accident. This may sound like a cruel thing to avoid but, trust us, you do not want to be saying sorry after an accident and admit fault to the other party. Saying sorry at the accident scene is like saying “I am admitting fault for the accident” to the party involved, especially if the police hear you say it. They will write this into the accident report, which could affect your claim from now until the end of time, which means that you may not get the settlement you so desperately want and need.

You should also never say sorry because you don’t know all the facts of the case yet. What if the other driver was texting and driving or driving drunk and this is why the accident occurred? It will clearly be their fault and you should never apologize for this. You may think it’s an act of kindness, but you really want to protect your rights so watch what you say during this time.

Never Negotiate: Perhaps you have been involved in a minor accident and you know the damages are not extreme. You may be tempted to negotiate with the other driver so that you can make a deal without having it on record or seeing the case end up in court. However, this could have serious ramifications. Why? What if your accident ends up being more serious than you thought it was after you agreed? What if, many months later, you are suffering physically from the pain you didn’t have right after the accident? If you have already made an agreement, it would be too late to turn back on this – which is why we want to help you protect your rights.

Don’t Leave the Scene: You never want to leave the scene directly after the accident has happened. You may not be insured or perhaps you have been going through a rough time and don’t need an accident on your plate, but never leave the scene as a hit and run driver. Be sure you have full contact information for the driver as well as their insurance information and any witness information before you leave. If there are injuries, the police should always be called.

At the Accident Law Group, we care about your case and want to help you protect your rights during this trying time. There are certain things every person should and shouldn’t do following an accident, so keep these aspects in mind moving forward. Give us a call today at 602-262-4254.