You were involved in a car accident when you least expected it. A driver came speeding out of nowhere and hit you as you were driving through an intersection, and as a result you received various injuries, as well as lacerations on your face and arms. With some of these lacerations being quite deep, you knew it was a possibility that you would receive scars from your injuries. Scarring is actually a natural part of the healing process after you have been injured. But now going to work and facing your loved ones is an everyday struggle because you are feeling insecure about your appearances from the scarring. Today we will look more closely at how serious lacerations occur and how much your claim could be worth.

Various Types of Lacerations

scar There are many types of lacerations that can lead to scars in car accidents. They include the following:

Split: This injury occurs when the body is crushed between two objects. Perhaps, in your car accident, your hand was crushed between two pieces of your vehicle and the skin and tissues tore from compression. These lacerations are very common on your face and hands.

Stretch: These wounds happen when a single force comes at your body from an angle and pushes or pulls on the skin. 

Grinding Compression: These wounds occur when objects strike the skin at blunt impact with an angle or sweeping motion, with skin being peeled back. 

Cut: This is the most common type of laceration and happens when sharp objects come into contact with the skin, which is common in car accidents with all the sharp shards of metal.

Tear: When the skin is broken by an object and causes a tear to occur, you have this common type of laceration.

What Type of Recovery to Expect 

Scars or disfigurement that stem from serious car accidents can leave a huge impact on your life. It could cause you emotional trauma related to the accident, as well as prevent you from receiving a job or enjoying time with your friends. The jury perceives scarring as most harmful when it is located in a part of your body that is visible even when you are wearing clothes, such as your face, neck, hands, or arms.

Serious scars can also cause physical problems, and not just ones on an emotional level. For instance, aside from the cosmetic issues, inflexibility could occur when you receive a scar in a certain area. This is especially prevalent when your scarring occurs at a tissue or joint, as a loss of mobility could occur, which can affect your day-to-day life in the workplace and more. You may even experience nerve sensitivity if the scarring is serious enough.

When you have received scars or disfigurement from an accident, you can bring a case against a negligent party to get the most from your case. Depending on how long the scars have had an effect on you, you may find yourself qualifying for more in damages, to cover things like medical treatment, loss of income, and pain and suffering.

If you have been injured in a car accident and sustained scarring or disfigurement, turn to a law group who will give you the best advice and help you get the compensation you deserve in your time of need. We have experience in a variety of personal injury cases and we are looking forward to speaking with you. Call us at 602-262-4254.