Every person wonders where they should turn after they have been injured in a truck accident. The truth is, truck accidents are almost always devastating in some way. Even if you have only sustained minor injuries, the emotional impact these accidents can leave is so great because you realize that you have nearly lost your life at the hands of a truck driver. For months, you may spend time healing, which means that you won’t be able to return to work right off the bat or need rehabilitation now until the end of your life. Some things you know you won’t recover from.

Though many people make the mistake of holding off on a claim, we don’t want you to do this when you have been injured in a truck accident. The best thing you can do is speak to an attorney as soon as possible so that you can retain your rights after you have been seriously injured and start working toward the compensation you deserve. Many people wait too long to file their claim and, by that point, all evidence is lost. You don’t want to end up in that situation, so we want to talk to you as soon as possible.

Ways to Preserve Your Case and Show Truck Accident Evidence

truck accident evidenceWhy is an investigation so important immediately after your accident? If you don’t act quickly, the evidence could very well be lost because, sometimes, trucking companies destroy evidence as a way to protect themselves even though this can hurt your claim. Some types of evidence are good enough to show the driver’s state of mind at the time of the accident and exactly what was happening at the time.

Witness Statements: When somebody has witnessed your full accident, they can usually be a valuable resource for you. You want these people to provide witness statements that could later play a vital role in your case when you try to recover certain damages. Having an investigator on your side can be very helpful because they can dig deeper into these statements to determine exactly what happened. 

Black Box Information: Trucks from almost every large company have black boxes on their vehicles, which are meant to collect certain data around the time of the accident. This can show exactly where the truck was, how fast it was going, and anything else needed in an accident event. If the black box shows that the truck driver was not operating within their regulations, they could be held liable for your accident.

Call Records: What happens if it is suspected that the truck driver was speaking on the phone at the time of the accident? Sometimes this can be shown through call logs. If this is determined and a truck driver lost control because they were on the phone at the time, this could show that the driver was distracted and is liable for your injuries. 

Truck Company History: Truck companies are sometimes known to have high accident stats and evidence of regulation violations, which could be helpful when you are making your claim.

We want to help you build your case from beginning to end with truck accident evidence. This is why it is important to act quickly so that the truck company does not destroy evidence and it becomes too late. We believe that you have a chance in your case and want to help you make the most of your claim. Call us at the Accident Law Group at 602-262-4254.