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Did you experience a trucking accident, such as a semi truck crash, pickup truck crash, commercial truck crash, or a large truck fatal crash? If so, you will need to seek legal advice from a truck crash accident lawyer.

Being involved in a car accident, especially large trucks, such as a tractor trailer trucking accident, will require you to hire a lawyer who specializes in car accident cases, specifically large truck crashes.

Who Can Be Held Liable In A Semi Truck Accident Case

Cases involving vehicle accidents, especially accidents with large trucks tend to be more complex compared to a passenger vehicle. Most people may believe that only the drivers of large trucks are the only at fault during an accident. However, it is not always true. Sometimes, there is more than one responsible party during an accident that can be held accountable.

Here are some potential defendants in a vehicle truck accident case that may include, but are not limited to:

  • Vehicle truck driver
  • Trucking company
  • Truck manufacturer
  • Insurance companies
  • The shipping company (that loaded the cargo)
  • Government entities

In the United States, If the driver of the vehicle is an independent contractor of a larger trucking company, an issue may be how much supervision the company serves over its contractors. Perhaps in the public inspection file, there may be a part on the truck that failed during transport causing the truck accident. That could also mean the trucking company or manufacturer that makes the vehicle part bears some liability. This is also the reason why hiring a truck accident lawyer is very important as you will not be able to point fingers so easily on who to hold accountable or liable in a vehicle truck accident.

Proving Your Semi Trucking Accident Case

Truck accidents are one of our practice areas where we are experts. And we’ll tell you that even if you clearly know you are not at fault for your truck accident, you still have to prove this in court or in your insurance claim.

There are four basic elements of negligence in personal injury cases, which involves truck accidents. As a person injured in a truck accident, you must prove that:

  • The truck driver owed you an obligation of care to drive safely and reasonably.
  • The truck driver violated or breached that duty of care.
  • The breaching of care is what caused you or your loved one’s injuries.
  • Victims, which means you or your loved one suffered damages and losses because of those injuries.

Common Semi Truck Accident Injuries You Can Seek Settlement For

Just the same thing you can see on local news, because trucks have immense size and weight, getting in a truck accident tend to cause extremely severe injuries or even worst, death. Even those survivors who got lucky during an accident often still have to struggle with permanent damage that can disfigure and disable. Below are some of the most common injuries that can be caused by truck accidents:

  • Traumatic Brain Damage – The force caused by a truck accident can injure the victim’s head either through direct trauma or sudden jerking movements, resulting in a traumatic brain injury that may cause permanent physical and cognitive issues, such as forgetting your own personal information, even your name.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries – Spinal cord injury is very common in truck accidents. Back trauma from the accident can result in you in sensory problems that can affect your control of certain organs, and even cause paralysis.
  • Amputations –  Truck accidents can impose enough damage to the victim’s limb that could be beyond saving or puts a victim at risk of infection. If you’re a truck accident victim, you may need to undergo amputation surgery to remove the damaged body part. As a result, you may experience immense pain, a long recovery process, and a significant handicap.
  • Internal Injuries – Depending on which of the organs were injured during the truck accident, victims can suffer everything from interior bleeding to collapsed lungs. Such injuries can result in decreased or permanent loss of organ function, which can drastically lessen a person’s quality of life.
  • Broken/Fractured Bones – Although car accidents can break bones, truck accidents can cause even several serious breaks and fractures. As a result, this will make the victim experience a significant loss of mobility and even permanent disability.

What To Do Following A Semi Trucking Accident?

Seek Immediate Medical Attention For Truck Collision Injuries

Your first priority after a truck accident should be your health. Seek medical assistance as soon as you can by calling 911 or a first responder. If you did not inflict severe injuries, check everyone else who is involved in the accident and see if anyone needs medical care, and do first aid if you can.

Do Not Admit Fault To Anyone For The Semi Truck Accident

After the accident, you may feel forced to admit partial fault by either apologizing or telling you didn’t see someone. However, doing this can only affect your ability to receive compensation negatively. Posting the incident on social media can also be used against you.

Collect Important Records For Your Semi Truck Accident Case

One way of proving the at-fault party’s liability is displaying that their negligence caused the injuries you are seeking compensation for. Vital documents can help connect the at-fault party’s neglectful actions with your truck accident injuries. Some of these important records include police reports, traffic crash reports, and medical documents.

Hire The Right Lawyer

Hiring the right lawyer can simplify the semi truck accident claim process while you take time in recovering from your severe injuries. We can help you with everything you might need with your semi-truck accident case, such as filing a truck accident claim.

Our Lawyers Can Help You Winning Your Truck Accident Case

Our law firm has seasoned car accident and large truck accident lawyers that can help you with your case, especially in dealing with insurance companies. We have worked with various trucking companies, so if you’re a semi truck driver who sustained major and minor injuries from large truck crashes, we can help you in filing a lawsuit.

Have you been in a Semi Truck accident?

When you have been injured by a person working for a business or driving a Semi-Truck your injury case has special obstacles. You want to hire a firm that has the experience and is not afraid to go against the big business and their team of lawyers.

truck accidents

Joseph Brown (one of the founders of Accident Law Group) comes from a family of truckers.  He has several uncles who have or are still Semi Truck owner-operators. We feel like this gives us better insight into the driver and what he or she may have done wrong to cause the accident.

When you have been injured by a person working for a business or driving a Semi-Truck your injury case has special obstacles. You want to hire a firm that has the experience and is not afraid to go against the big business and their team of lawyers.

One of the biggest obstacles is also a benefit, large policy limits. A policy limit is a maximum amount the insurance company will pay for anyone’s loss to the injured party. Often times large businesses have retention. This means the business has to pay the first $X amount out of its own pocket before the insurance starts to cover or pay.

We have handled cases against semi-trucks with retentions as large as $500,000. Large businesses may not even have a policy limit, this is because the Company is self-insured (they pay for all losses out of their profits).  This would be typical of a company like Wal-Mart.

Needless to say, when a company is paying out of their profits or business accounts they will fight even harder. They have shareholders or/owners to answer, so expect a battle.

We have experience fighting and winning these battles!

Semi-Truck cases have another level of difficulty. Often times the Semi-truck company hires an attorney to represent their interests within hours.  It is not even uncommon for their attorneys to show up at the accident scene and get involved in the investigation.

In addition, the trucks are frequently equipped with “black boxes” which record tremendous amounts of data right before and during an accident. The data recorders are rarely shared prior to litigation, and this information can be very valuable to prove liability against the truck driver.

We are familiar with these issues and know how to fight the Big Businesses to get you the recovery you deserve! Call Accident Law Group now.

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