Posted on February 8, 2018

When a car accident has occurred, it is normal to feel a bit panicked, especially when your vehicle has been hit and you have suffered injuries. With your brain feeling a bit scattered, you may forget some of the steps to take after an accident. Today we will take a look at some of the steps you should always take after you have been hit, as well as things you should never do following the accident.

Steps to Take After an Accident  

steps to take after an accidentThere are some steps you should always take after an accident has occurred, especially if there are injuries present. It helps to be prepared in a desperate time so that everybody can get the medical attention they need. Follow these steps after your accident has taken place.

Staying at the Scene: You should never leave the accident scene right after the accident takes place. Not only is it illegal and you could face criminal penalties, but you also want to check to make sure that other parties are physically okay. 

Checking on Drivers and Passengers: Assessing how much damage has been taken to your vehicle isn’t as important as checking on the health of everyone involved. If there are serious injuries, you should always call and report the accident so that medical help can arrive. Do not move someone if they have neck or back pain. 

Calling the Police: If there are injuries involved in your accident, you should call the police and ask that a police report be filed. Always find out the information of the police on the scene, like names and badge numbers.

Exchanging Information: Make sure that you also obtain all information from other drivers and passengers on the scene, such as names, addresses, drivers’ license numbers, insurance information, and more. 

Talking to Witnesses: Ask witnesses what they saw and try to determine if any accidents like this one have happened in the past in that same area. 

Keeping Track of Medical Treatment: You should always keep track from the many parties that you might receive medical treatment from. Always keep documentation of which services they offered you, such as referral for a certain medication and treatment that they’ve done for you. Medical reports and bills will be the best way to prove how much you are owed in compensation when your case ends up in court. 

Taking Pictures: Pictures are another great way to show the extent of your injuries. Photos will help show your injuries in a new light, and prove how much you should be compensated for alongside your medical documents.

Things You Shouldn’t Do  

Of course, there are some things you should never do as well. The first thing you shouldn’t do is leave the scene of the accident, as this could be constituted as a hit and run. Here are some other aspects that should never take place after an accident:

Forget 911: Sometimes in an accident, we forget to make calls that are important. You should never hesitate to call 911. There could be serious injuries and neither party would know until it is too late.

Blaming: Don’t get rowdy and start blaming the other party for the accident because this will never do you any good. Never take fault for the accident as well – this is up to the police, judge, and many more to decide.

Fail to Receive Treatment: Maybe you feel as if you have not sustained injuries, but failing to seek medical treatment could come back and bite you. Later down the line, you might experience symptoms associated with injuries so always seek treatment.

There are things that should and shouldn’t be done after an accident. You should know what to do immediately so that you can take charge and assure that everybody is getting the treatment they deserve. At the Accident Law Group, we understand car accidents and want to help you get the best results in your case. Call us today for more information at 602-262-4254.