When you have been injured in an accident, long-term consequences of your injuries might not be on your mind initially. Perhaps you have been thinking about receiving proper medical treatment and solving the issue of pain before you worry about the turmoil your injuries could take on your life. However, one of the types of compensation you must think about is wage loss in an accident, and the toll it can take on your life when you find it impossible to return to work, or have less work now that your injuries are holding you back.

Various Types of Wage Loss in an Accident 

wage loss in an accidentOne of the main types of wage loss you will receive after an accident is not being able to work or taking reduced hours due to your injuries. You may experience lost earning capacity now as temporary or permanent injuries have an affect on your life, but you may also be eligible for compensation for future income losses, due to the amount of income that you will no longer be able to bring in now that you have suffered from your injury. There are a few factors that are considered in these cases to determine how much you should receive, such as your age, physical disability, employment history, skills, and more.

Here is an example of a case that involves lost wages: You receive a broken arm and hand, so you will not be able to return to work for 3 months while you are healing. This means that, as a result, you would be entitled to 3 months’ worth of wages if you are able to receive compensation from the court. It may also cover lost job opportunities if you are unable to make it to an interview due to your injuries.

How to Prove Your Lost Wages 

If you have sustained injuries in an accident and you need to show how much income you are missing out on, there are ways to document this. When you file your claim, you should have a letter from your physician saying how long your injuries could keep you from working, information on your treatment and medical bills, a letter from your employer saying that your injuries are keeping you from work, and a copy of the police report involved in your accident.

Many aspects will be taken into consideration as the court determines how much you will be able to receive in lost wages. When you work on salary, this will not be hard to determine because you must just be able to show your pay rate and how much work you have missed due to your injuries. If you work on commission or have irregular hours, you can still calculate lost wages by showing what you missed by not being able to work, and by showing tax returns from the previous year.

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