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Is Texting and Driving as Dangerous as Drinking and Driving?

It has been well documented that distracted driving, especially distracted driving connected to cell phone use, is a major cause of motor vehicle crashes both among teenagers and adults. In literature assessing the effect of cell phone usage on driving, the risk of an accident increases when dialing a cell phone. This may potentially be…

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Car Accident Wrongful Death: When a Child Has Been Killed

Posted on February 24, 2018 Here’s a terrifying fact: Car accidents are a leading cause of childhood deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). There are many ways that these accidents can be prevented by drivers who focus solely on the road, to the proper use of car seats in children.…

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Is Witness Testimony Always Credible in a Car Accident?

Posted on February 17, 2018 At Accident Law Group, we know how vital your car accident claim is to you and want to help you receive compensation after you have suffered financially and emotionally. One of the most important parts of your car accident is discovering who was liable for your accident so that you…

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If You Have Sustained a Disability Due to a Car Accident

Posted on February 6, 2018 Nobody expects to get behind the wheel of a car and endure a life-changing accident that has many effects on their life. If you have then sustained a disability due to a car accident, you may have questions about moving forward. Perhaps you have already endured many types of treatment…

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Can What You Post on Social Media Affect Your Injury Case?

Posted on February 2, 2018  You post everything about your life on social media because you want to keep your family and friends updated. This includes anything from the vacations you take to the new job promotions you receive over time. So what happens when you’re injured in a personal injury accident? Perhaps, after you…

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What You Should NEVER do After a Serious Car Accident

Posted on January 30, 2018 For some, it is obvious what you should do after you are involved in a serious car accident. It makes sense for you to assess the situation and check yourself for injuries immediately following an accident. It also makes sense to call the police so that you can file a…

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