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We were in a pretty severe car accident last year and all three of us in the car were injured. I spent 9 days in the hospital and had 4 surgeries on my leg. We didn't know any attorneys so my husband's doctor recommended Joe. He came to the hospital to talk about our case. So when he left his firm to start his own, we followed him.
The man who caused our accident was driving his friend's car. Unfortunately, they both had state minimums so we had to use each of their insurance companies, along with our own, to a settlement. Carl is amazing at working with insurance adjusters. He used to work as one himself and knows the industry inside and out. He is an amazing, down to earth guy, easy to get along with, and really looks out for his clients! Our settlements were even more than we expected, which was great! We would recommend him 110% ! You won't be disappointed or regret asking him to take your case.

Stacy S.
Queen Creek, AZ

I'm not keen on attorneys in general, and it was with  misgivings that  I even went to see one about my car accident.  It's just that the kid  who rear ended  me-his insurance said there were too many cars involved (he hit), and he had minimum 10K coverage (mommy & daddy both drove up in S class  Mercedes -one black one white).

My neck was really stiff and the next day I had a bad headache.  My auto mechanic told me to talk to this guy, an attorney. He promised me he was truly nice-not like the usual sharks. I really don't like those sharks BS attorneys. Well, he talked me into it and I am SO glad he did!

Carl was so sweet and not at all like my other dealings with attorneys. When I explained he wouldn't want my case because I wasn't looking to get rich off this stupid accident-I just didn't  want to get screwed-he said he understood, and agreed. Really, I thought?

But he lived up to his word.  He was so professional and knew his stuff. He was fast and was able to get a quick and fair settlement. It was smooth and painless. And the really unexpected part...I LIKED the guy!

I can highly recommend him to any of my friends .  Be warned, if you are a bullshit person just wanting to try and cash in big time with lies and stuff,  he may not  be the guy for you.  He has scruples, and he is fair;  and I don't feel he would make up BS just to increase a claim way out of proportion.

But to get the MOST that  is FAIR and just, THIS is your guy!

B H.
Phoenix, AZ

This is the best place to go when I got into my car accident and I came to Carl he helped me right away and did an amazing job and even checked up on me when I got my surgery after my car accident just to see how I was doing and to see how I was feeling after surgery he's more than just a lawyer he's a therapist he actually shows that he really is concerned and care about the things that are happening and he gives his 100% throughout the whole time I highly recommend this place

Martha H.
Maryvale Village, Phoenix, AZ

I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone who needs help with a personal injury case. My attorney, Rick Deponte is  an excellent representative of this firm. He was thorough, with his investigation regarding my case, answered all of my questions with a huge amount of patience and kept me informed of the  case status the entire time. I have even referred my family members to Mr. Deponte for representation .

Thank you for taking such good care of me Mr. Deponte!

Kimberly G.
Mesa, AZ



When you contact Accident Law Group for your legal representation, our guarantee is that your consultation will be with an experienced lawyer. He or she will review your case, for FREE and will provide you with all possible options. Our lawyers will inform you of the legal impacts of each option and provide legal advice to enable you to arrive at a decision regarding your compensation claim.

The best part? We will never ask you to pay any fees upfront. Accident Law Group is well-known for our risk-free service. This means that we never charge you until you get a settlement. Also, when we do charge you, we make sure that we never take more than you, the victim.



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