Wet Floor Sign:

If you know one thing about businesses and premises liability law, it’s that a property owner could be held liable for your fall accident if they do not keep their property safe from all harm. The same can be said for stores, which are supposed to be free from all harm because of the many people who utilize their property every day so that they can obtain the goods that mean the most to them.

When you walk into an establishment and there are slippery floors, you, like every other American, expects to see Wet Floor signs to warn people that there is a slippery condition there. But what happens when there are no signs and you slip and fall in this condition, gaining a serious injury? You may wonder if you can hold a store liable for not warning you about the condition.

Why Proper Caution Wet Floor Signs Are So Important

wet floor signsCommercial establishments owe a duty of care to those who utilize their store. This means that they should protect them from harm in many ways, such as stairways that need rail adjustments or when there is loose carpet on the floor that somebody could trip over. Part of this duty of care includes using wet floor signs, which show that the area around there is slippery. Perhaps this is due to the fact that somebody just spilled something and they are waiting for an employee to clean the floor, or because they have just mopped all the floors in the store and there is one section just waiting to dry.

However, there is one exception to this warning sign rule.

What happens if the spill just happened and nobody said anything to an employee about it? If the spill just happened and a person standing right there came and slipped on it, then the store might not be liable because they didn’t have enough time to figure out that anything was wrong. Sometimes, when employees or management didn’t have enough time to discover the condition, the same liability rules would not apply. However, if the spill was there for many hours already, then there is a reason to believe that the employees had enough time to discover that something was wrong on that part of the floor.

What if somebody saw multiple employees stepping around that area, clearly noticing the adverse condition on the floors, but still failed to put down wet floor signs to signal that there was a condition that could cause them harm? If you had evidence of this, you could hold the store liable for your injuries because they failed to act. It is not uncommon to suffer from a variety of injuries in these cases such as sprained and bruised muscles or ligaments, whiplash, fractured bones, head injuries, and more.

How We Can Help 

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